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Team Alohomora

Unlocking ways to Counter Disinformation and biased reporting practices.

About Team Alohomora

Team Alohomora is a group of dynamic young people based in Lahore, Pakistan who are unlocking ways to push back against disinformation and biased reporting in Pakistan by working directly with young journalists, media students, and professionals, as well as content creators to counter misrepresentation, hate speech, and hostility sparked towards religious minorities through building advocacy campaigns, conducting training sessions, developing and sharing stories on religious minorities, and publishing an ethics guidebook on faith-based reporting for young media professionals.

Our Activities

Trainings on Sourcing Credible News for Faith-Based Reporting

At Team Alohomora, we are dedicated to fostering harmony through meaningful interfaith dialogue, creating spaces where diverse beliefs are understood and respected. Our advocacy extends to championing policies that embrace religious diversity, ensuring a society where everyone can freely express their beliefs. Join us in unlocking a future where mutual understanding transcends differences, forging a society built on respect, acceptance, and the celebration of diverse beliefs.

Video stories featuring Young People from Religious Minorities

Team Alohomora recorded 5 inspiring success stories of people from religious minorities aimed to raise awareness among the public about individuals belonging to different religions and identities and dispel myths and misconceptions associated with them and successfully highlighted the voices and achievements of young people belonging to religious minorities.which included Satwant Kaur, Daniel Saleem, Harbajan Singh, Sybil David and  Amber Bajwa. Watch and Listen to their amazing stories. 

Stories Booklet featuring Stories from Young Peacebuilders

Team Alohomora published a stories of 10 young peacebuilders from diverse backgrounds, and 210+ copies were successfully distributed to Young people and across institutions, including the University of the Punjab’s Gender Studies Department and Social Work Department, Islamia College Lahore’s Social Work Department, and the Punjab Women Protection Authority and the Women Development Department.

The booklet was shared with other influential stakeholders as well as in Government and UNICEF

Ethical Guidebook on Faith Based Reporting and Media Ecology and Ethics

Team Alohomora developed a Ethical Guidebook for Faith-Based Reporting that aims to Enhance the knowledge of media professionals (media houses, publications, online platforms, journalists, reporters, bloggers, and content creators) regarding reporting on religious minorities, religious bias, inter-faith issues, and stereotypes. Raise awareness among media professionals about the root causes of religiously biased reporting. Sensitize media professionals to the complexities and importance of understanding and incorporating intersectionality into their work and share good practice on ensuring fair representation in visual content.

Impact Stories

Subhash Chandar
Patience, tolerance, and acceptance are key to interfaith harmony. If we can cultivate the habits of acceptance and tolerance within ourselves, as a community, we can achieve peace
Zanaya Chaudhary

I believe that discrimination knows no bounds; it affects transgender individuals who belong to Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and other religions. We need to raise our voices together to prevent hate and discrimination and promote the message of unity, acceptance, and harmony.

Our Partners

About Young Cities

Young Cities is a truly cross-sectoral and collaborative programme. It sits alongside other initiatives of the Strong Cities Network and is integrated with YouthCAN to deliver sustainable and local solutions led by young people and municipal governments.

Working closely with a team of local staff and partners, Young Cities leads locally-driven research with partners that understand their communities. We tailor programmes geared to mobilise young people and local leaders looking to make change, impacting hundreds of thousands of young people across our member cities.

About HIve Pakistan

HIVE is a social-impact organization working to address issues of extremism and marginalization through community-led research, facilitative grant-making, upstream mobilization, innovative campaigning, needs-based mentorship and participatory collaborations. HIVE strives to work for an inclusive, equal and peaceful Pakistan.


Team Alohomora is dedicated to fostering harmony through meaningful interfaith dialogue. We create spaces where diverse beliefs are understood and respected, and advocate for policies that embrace religious diversity, promoting a society where everyone can freely express their beliefs.

Team Alohomora champions policies that embrace religious diversity, working towards creating an environment where individuals of all faiths can coexist peacefully. We engage in meaningful dialogue, conduct awareness campaigns, and collaborate with like-minded organizations to promote understanding and respect for diverse beliefs.

Our vision is one where mutual understanding transcends differences. We aim to contribute to a society built on respect, acceptance, and the celebration of diverse beliefs. Join us in unlocking a future where individuals from all backgrounds can coexist in harmony, freely expressing their unique perspectives.