Team Alohomora's

Art fair event

Team Alohomora's

Art Fair Event

Team Alohomora’s “Amplifying Untold Stories” Art Fair Competition & Exhibition successfully brought together over 90 participants for a day of creative expression and social awareness. This activity, designed to combat harmful ideologies and promote inclusion, showcased student artwork alongside educational materials and impactful activities. The event kicked off with a Town Hall Assembly fostering dialogue about youth empowerment from diverse backgrounds in digital media literacy and the role of art in promoting accurate representation of different social and religious group. A powerful youth theatre performance tackled the root causes of discrimination and hate, prevailing against religious minorities while the Art Exhibition provided a safe space for artistic exploration. Students engaged with the artwork, experienced live painting exercise, receiving explanations behind the concepts and sharing their learning’s to solidify the impact of the event

Guest Speakers

Prof. Dr Uzma Ashiq

Chairperson, Department of Social Work, University of the Punjab(PU)

Ms Sarosh Tariq

Associate Professor & Head of Fine Arts Department Govt. Graduate College for Women Gulberg Lahore

Dr Aliya Khalid

Associate Professor, Department of Social Work, PU

Dr. Sonia Omer

Associate Professor, Department of Social Work, PU

Mr Muhammad Arshad Abbasi

Assistant Professor & Focal Person Department of Social PU

Mr. Hassan Raza

Senior Programme Manager, HIVE Pakistan

Ms Uzma Munir Rana

Coordinator & Lecturer Fine Arts Department Govt.

Ms Mahnoor Ali

MPhill Gold Medalist Gender Studies & Peace Activist


Town Hall Assembly

This interactive session kicked off the Art Fair with a focus on empowering young voices. Moderated by Team Alohomora, the assembly featured high-level faculty members, youth activists, and relevant stakeholders. Discussions centered around the challenges and opportunities for youth participation in shaping the digital media landscape. Participants explored strategies to promote positive online behavior, including critical thinking regarding social media content, accurate representation of marginalized communities, and constructive communication practices. The assembly highlighted the power of art as a tool for peaceful expression and understanding, encouraging its use to challenge harmful social narratives, bridge divides,

Youth Theatre Performance

A powerful 10-minute play presented by a youth group from the University of the Punjab’s Institute for Social and Cultural Studies brought the issue of discrimination against religious minorities to life. The performance tackled the root causes of hate and exclusion by showcasing discriminatory practices and stereotypes. Through their performance, the young actors emphasized the importance of treating minorities with equality and respect in everyday life. By portraying positive behaviors, the play encouraged young people to actively promote peace and harmony within their communities.

Art Exhibition

Team Alohomora curated a captivating Art Exhibition showcasing a collection of inspiring student artworks. These works aimed to counter harmful ideologies that fuel hatred and exclusion, offering a platform for artistic expression that fostered creativity and inclusion. The exhibition went beyond simply displaying the artwork, incorporating relevant educational materials to provide a deeper context and understanding of the social issues explored. This culminated in a published art book featuring the best submissions, ensuring a lasting impact and a platform for future reference and inspiration.

Live Painting Competition

Adding a dynamic element to the Art Fair, a live painting competition provided a platform for 20 students from the Fine Arts Department of Government Graduate College for Women, Gulberg. Under the supervision of their department coordinator, these students tackled pre-decided thematic areas promoting social cohesion and accurate representation of minorities. They had a dedicated space within the Social Work department to create their artworks throughout the event. Following the competition, the completed pieces were displayed alongside the curated artwork for all participants to interact with and learn about the artists’ concepts and ideas. This facilitated deeper engagement with the social themes explored throughout the Art Fair.


The “Amplifying Untold Stories” Art Fair exceeded expectations, leaving a lasting impact on participants, fostering positive change, and building valuable partnerships.

Here’s a closer look at the key outcomes

Youth Empowerment

The event successfully brought together over 90 diverse youth voices, providing them with a platform to discuss critical social issues and explore solutions. This empowered them to become agents of change in their communities.

Combating Hate Speech

Through open dialogue, theatrical performances, and thought-provoking artwork, the Art Fair raised awareness about the dangers of hate speech and discrimination against religious minorities. Participants gained valuable knowledge and skills to counter hate speech online and promote tolerance in their daily lives.

Increased Awareness

Feedback from attendees highlighted a significant increase in awareness about the importance of critical thinking, accurate representation, and positive online behavior. Participants gained valuable insights into fostering peace and harmony through creative expression and constructive dialogue.

Strategic Partnerships

Team Alohomora established strong partnerships with the Department of Social Work at the University of the Punjab and the Fine Arts Department at Government Graduate College for Women, Gulberg. These partnerships will pave the way for future collaborative initiatives aimed at promoting social inclusion and positive youth engagement.

Promoting Interfaith Harmony

 The event fostered a sense of understanding and respect for diverse religious backgrounds. By showcasing the power of art as a tool for social awareness, it encouraged participants to actively promote interfaith harmony and peaceful coexistence.


The majority of attendees stated that they learned about ways to participate meaningfully to prevent online hate and discriminatory practices and build their understanding of concepts of tolerance, acceptance, and interfaith harmony. They also found valuable insights into how they can contribute in their daily lives by demonstrating positive behavior towards people from sectarian and religious minorities.
Today’s event is very unique; the artworks displayed were very eye-catching, and I learned that it’s one of my responsibilities to develop a sense of understanding, tolerance, and acceptance towards people from different cultures and religions.

Uzma Asif, Student SWD

I really enjoyed the dialogue through which I gained knowledge that there are many ways through which I can contribute to the empowerment of marginalized groups. I just need to identify and work on those ways with dedication and contribute to peace-building and harmony

Saad Hussain, Student SWD

From theatre performance and exhibition, I learned that it’s very important to acknowledge diversity and enhance our understanding of communities belonging to different cultures, sects, and religions through utilizing these innovative tools to promote progress and social cohesion

Komal Essa, SWD student

Upcoming Activities

01 - Art Booklet

02 - Ethical Guidebook on Faith Based Reporting and media ecology and ethics

Impact Stories

Subhash Chandar
Patience, tolerance, and acceptance are key to interfaith harmony. If we can cultivate the habits of acceptance and tolerance within ourselves, as a community, we can achieve peace
Zanaya Chaudhary

I believe that discrimination knows no bounds; it affects transgender individuals who belong to Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and other religions. We need to raise our voices together to prevent hate and discrimination and promote the message of unity, acceptance, and harmony.

Our Partners


Team Alohomora is dedicated to fostering harmony through meaningful interfaith dialogue. We create spaces where diverse beliefs are understood and respected, and advocate for policies that embrace religious diversity, promoting a society where everyone can freely express their beliefs.

Team Alohomora champions policies that embrace religious diversity, working towards creating an environment where individuals of all faiths can coexist peacefully. We engage in meaningful dialogue, conduct awareness campaigns, and collaborate with like-minded organizations to promote understanding and respect for diverse beliefs.

Our vision is one where mutual understanding transcends differences. We aim to contribute to a society built on respect, acceptance, and the celebration of diverse beliefs. Join us in unlocking a future where individuals from all backgrounds can coexist in harmony, freely expressing their unique perspectives.